From sun hats to step ladders, no event is complete without that special something. Maybe it’s some pretty lighting you need to set the atmosphere for your special day turning into night, or she or he proposed on a bike riding holiday and you need that little old French ‘velo‘ to hold a table plan with the names of your nearest and dearest.

We have an ever growing selection of props to help you create that romantic French, rustic and personal touch. Most often saying ‘YES!’ to the love of your life is the easy part. Then comes planning what you might need from afar… and then visualising how a style will turn out can be a little overwhelming. We are here to help with all of that!

You can still add an abundance of your own personality and style when you hire our props and decorations – they can be as simple and poetic as you want them to be or a starting off point to let your imagination run free. Add to that your beautiful French wedding venue and the impact will be unique and sensational in the same breath!

A Whole new range of Gold and Silver / mercerised and Glass wedding Props available for weddings in 2020 and 2021 ….
including Big Mirrors( for signage), big Frames for table plans / photos etc , Table centre frames( for Names/ numbers etc), Vintage glassware ( for Flowers / general decoration) and lots of other lovely items to personalise your wedding day.
Also new….
Wood lanterns for Table centre decorations , new range of Table runners in olive green, sage green , Black and grey and a range of coloured napkins …