As a bi-lingual wedding planner, with over 13 years of experience of Planning and coordinating weddings in South West France, my overall aim is to help set the stage for some of the most memorable moments of a couples life- their wedding!

With a wedding planner taking care of both the back-room preparations and the coordination of your actual day, you can sit back and enjoy the Planning process and just relax on your special day, with everything perfectly organised, and nothing left to chance

We offer a range of comprehensive Wedding Planning and on day coordination services, but as prop hire and styling are integral to many of the weddings we plan and coordinate we aim to provide couples with a creative, inspired and affordable all-inclusive service.

Organization and attention to detail are key at The French Touch. I can offer “Home” Wedding planning services – both Full planning, On day coordination and Prop Hire / styling services .

Services available:

• Full Wedding Planning service- If you don’t have the time or don’t speak French  I will, with your input, organise your entire wedding and be there on the day.

•On day Coordination Service only

• Consultancy: I will advise you on some or all aspects of planning your wedding.

•Prop Hire Only

•Prop Hire and Styling Service

Planning FAQ’s

  • Full Wedding Planning service ( includes on day coordination service)
  • Full Wedding Planning Packages are for couples who want a full-time professional overseeing every aspect of their wedding day but working together as a team to create exactly what you want!

This package includes (but is not limited to) assistance with:  

Full Wedding planning preparation
• Establishing priorities, developing and helping you manage your budget
• Helping you find a Ceremony + reception venue location( or I can plan at your chosen Venue or Home based wedding)
• Supplier recommendations, management and bookings
• Coordinating on day transport
• General advice and consultation and support
• flexible contact and Planning times offered
• Attendance at supplier meetings if required
• Confirming all details with the appropriate suppliers prior to the wedding
On day coordination service

  • ‘On the Day only’ coordination service includes

Hiring an on day coordinator will help to alleviate a lot of the stress associated with the final days of planning as well as reduce the pressure often associated with on day logistics. A wedding couple should be able to enjoy their special day, not worry about their planned details and their execution on the day of the wedding!

  • ‘Wedding Planning Consultation’ service includes

Advising and Supplying wedding supplier recommendations  and planning guidance and support

  • ‘Prop Hire Only’ includes

Please refer to the Prop Shop Page and Hire / Delivery information

  • Prop Hire and Styling service (Can also include on day coordination service)

Please get in touch with me to find out more about my various packages and to get a bespoke quote.